Details Regarding the Different Stages of Gum Disease

Did you know gum disease is a complex dental issue that can affect your smile, oral health and even your entire health in a myriad of ways? Well, it’s true. In fact, gum disease is so complex that is has two different stages. Our dentists, Dr. David Dickey and Dr. Seth Conley, would like to… Read more »

The Benefits to be had From Tooth Replacements

If you are ready to drastically enhance your smile, visit our team for the proper restorations and repairs. It is important to visit us if you have any missing teeth to have them replaced as soon as possible with a highly reliable dental prosthetic. Dentures, dental implants and dental bridges are all extremely effective prosthetic… Read more »

Restore Your Smile With Dental Anxiety Treatments

If you routinely find yourself suffering from extreme stress or concerns associated with dental anxiety, contact our office now. Oftentimes, dental anxiety is linked to the fear of the unknown, so it is important that you let us know, so that appropriate treatments can be given. It can also help to understand any procedures that… Read more »

Understanding Dental Crowns

Are you aware of all the treatment options available to you if you do ever suffer an oral accident or injury? Do you have any teeth that are vulnerable to further damage or need an added layer of protection? If you hadn’t heard, dental crowns are often considered the wave of the future because they… Read more »

Multiple Missing Teeth Might Be Replaced by a Dental Implant Supported Bridge

Losing multiple teeth to a severe oral trauma or untreated tooth decay can leave a significant void in your mouth. Not only can this hamper your ability to efficiently chew food, it could also affect your speech and leave you feeling self-conscious about your mouth’s appearance. If you find yourself in a situation like this,… Read more »

Super Smile Treatments: Water Flossers

The most important thing you can do to improve your oral health is to always look for ways to improve your oral hygiene habits. For many individuals, dental floss can prove to be extremely difficult to use due to risks associated with using thread. Furthermore, joint pain and aging can make it even more difficult…. Read more »

Align Your Oral Health Care Goals with Tooth Replacements

Are you aware of the risk factors associated with lost or missing teeth? If you ever have any lost teeth, it is imperative that you have them replaced as soon as possible. Leaving missing teeth unreplaced can put you at a severe oral health risk for several ailments. Not only can the area become a… Read more »

Superior Smiles Include Cavity Avoidance

  Do you protect yourself against cavities every day by cleaning your mouth out with a daily routine such as brushing and flossing? Are you aware that there are numerous other steps you should be taking to make sure your mouth is free of dental erosion and cavities? If not, it is important to analyze… Read more »

How to Have a Top-Notch Oral Health as an Adult

You deserve a top-notch oral health as an adult. This can give you the strong and healthy teeth and gums you need to have the best smile possible. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help yourself achieve that optimum health goal, and they’re not as tough as you might think. Our dentists,… Read more »

The Foundation of Oral Health This Holiday Season

Your toothbrush is the foundation of your continued oral health this holiday season. Take care of it by following these simple tips! The American Dental Association suggests that you replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months. With so many holiday gifting opportunities, this is a great time to replace the brushes of your whole family! This… Read more »