Prepare Your Summer Smile with One of These Important Teeth Whitening Treatment Options

Are you looking to improve the color of your teeth without covering or concealing your natural teeth with a restoration? If so, professional teeth whiteners can effectively remove deep stains and discolorations from your teeth. Prepare your summer smile with one of these important teeth whitening treatment options: – A professional whitening treatment done by… Read more »

What Are You Doing to Improve Your Oral Health Care?

What are you doing to improve your oral health care? Are you making sure to keep your teeth clean and safe with optimum oral health care habits? If not, an immediate plan should be devised and set into place to determine what you can do to care for your future smile. Brushing and flossing should… Read more »

Did You Know That Dental Implants Can Provide Smile Makeovers?

Did you know that dental implants can provide smile makeovers? With dental implants, you can have natural-looking implants implanted directly into your jawbone for a sturdy hold. A complete smile awaits with dental implants and their many terrific benefits: – Dental implants can overhaul a facial structure that has been damaged due to lost or… Read more »

Dentin and Your Sensitive Teeth

Have you ever worried that biting into your favorite snack might hurt? Have you ever been worried to smile because you thought a breeze could hurt your sensitive teeth? If so, you probably understand that sensitive teeth can be extremely uncomfortable, but did you know that you could reverse your sensitivity? Unfortunately, there are several… Read more »

What Causes TMJ Disorder?

TMJ disorder is a reference to a pain in the temporomandibular joints, which affix the upper/lower jaw bones to the head. The first signs of TMJ disorder manifest themselves as a constant dull ache near the ears or temples, and also as pain when opening or using the mouth. People who grind their teeth at… Read more »

If You’re Missing Teeth, Dental Bridges Can Bring Back Your Confident Smile

If you are missing teeth, whether it’s one or several of them, you know how uncomfortable and inconvenient it can make life sometimes. It can make speaking more difficult, and inhibit eating so you can’t enjoy your favorite foods as much anymore. It also influences your appearance. Many people don’t know that the teeth are… Read more »

Tooth Brushing for Kids

Tooth brushing for kids is vital. Not only are kids often at increased risk for cavities, but if their baby teeth are not cared for, it increases the chance that their adult teeth cannot grow in properly. As soon as the first tooth breaks the surface of the gums, you should begin caring for it…. Read more »

You Can Maintain Healthy Tooth Enamel with a Simple Fluoride Treatment

Healthy tooth enamel is essential for the prevention of tooth decay and other oral health complications. Unfortunately, the natural bacteria living in your mouth and the acidic beverages you consume can demineralize the microscopic mineral density of your teeth. This creates pores in the tooth enamel that can potentially harbor tooth decay. Exposing your teeth… Read more »

Fun Facts about Toothbrushes

Proper dental hygiene is essential for your oral health. Your toothbrush takes a large role in your oral hygiene routine. Read on for some fun toothbrush facts: The first mass-produced toothbrush was invented in prison. In 1770, William Addis was thrown in jail for starting a riot. He observed other prisoners using rags covered with… Read more »

Don’t be Scared of Dental Visits

Did you know that millions of Americans have some sort of anxiety over dental visits? From not liking the sharp instruments to the sound or feeling of a brush or drill on their teeth, many people have legitimate phobias of dental visits. However, there’s no reason to be scared of dental visits. Let’s look at… Read more »