Dentin and Your Sensitive Teeth

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Have you ever worried that biting into your favorite snack might hurt? Have you ever been worried to smile because you thought a breeze could hurt your sensitive teeth? If so, you probably understand that sensitive teeth can be extremely uncomfortable, but did you know that you could reverse your sensitivity?

Unfortunately, there are several things that could help you deal with sensitivity. For instance, had you been told that your teeth have several layers? The first layer is referred to as enamel, which is an extremely hard layer that protects the rest of your teeth. Dentin, which is the layer beneath your enamel, is a softer layer that carries temperature signals to the middle of your teeth. Once your dentin is exposed, you could experience pain and discomfort because your dentin might carry these temperatures to your nerves.

Sadly, your dentin might be exposed after enamel is damaged. Sadly, your enamel can actually be damaged by a number of serious issues. For example, did you know that teeth grinding, a loose filling, or gum recession might hurt your enamel? If you are coping with sensitive teeth, give us a call as soon as you can so we can discuss your choices with you.

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