If You’re Missing Teeth, Dental Bridges Can Bring Back Your Confident Smile

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If you are missing teeth, whether it’s one or several of them, you know how uncomfortable and inconvenient it can make life sometimes. It can make speaking more difficult, and inhibit eating so you can’t enjoy your favorite foods as much anymore. It also influences your appearance. Many people don’t know that the teeth are the reason your cheeks have a certain fullness, and losing some can make your cheeks have a sunken look.

Luckily, there are many restorative treatments that can replace your lost teeth and help you enjoy your food and have a great smile again. One of those most popular treatments is dental bridges. The bridge is a dental prosthetic made from ceramic and other materials shaped to replace the teeth you’ve lost. The teeth on either side are shaped to make a foundation that the bridge can bond to as well.

Every bridge is uniquely made for the patient’s circumstances. When you come into our office, Dr. Dickey and Dr. Conley will take a casting of your missing teeth and the areas around them. The casting is then sent to a lab where a dental technician custom-makes your bridge per your casting. Then, the next time you come into our office our dentists can install the bridge.

If you’re missing teeth and live near New Castle, Indiana, then call Family Dental Care of New Castle today. We will help you get back you a full and shining smile!