Restore Your Smile With Dental Anxiety Treatments

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If you routinely find yourself suffering from extreme stress or concerns associated with dental anxiety, contact our office now. Oftentimes, dental anxiety is linked to the fear of the unknown, so it is important that you let us know, so that appropriate treatments can be given. It can also help to understand any procedures that you will need as a walk through via a step-by-step guide can help ease worries that you may have.

Various treatments are available to help minimize the effects of dental anxiety. If you continue to have fears about visiting our dentists, be aware that several forms of sedation dentistry are available to help minimize any discomfort that you may feel. In some cases, sedation can be used to put you to sleep during oral health care treatments.

In addition to sedation, various stress-reducing treatments can be administered. By holding a stress-relieving object during a procedure or listening to calming music and visualizing yourself at a place that brings you joy, you can help minimize stress levels associated with dental anxiety.

To upgrade your smile with dental anxiety treatments and professional care, you are welcome to schedule a visit to our dentists in New Castle, Indiana. If you would like Dr. Seth Conley and our team at Family Dental Care of New Castle to bring you in for a dental anxiety assessment, please call our dental office at 765-529-4300.