Smile Restorations Begin with Dental Crowns and Dental Veneers

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Dental crowns and dental veneers are highly effective tooth restoration treatments that can turn below average smiles into shining oral health masterpieces. Each cosmetic treatment that crowns and veneers provide is customized to each patient and can give your teeth the look and functionality they deserve.

Dental crowns will not only conceal a broken tooth, it can also protect it from further damage because the crown will completely cover the tooth’s surface above the gum line. If your tooth is severely damaged, a dental crown will do a better job than a veneer to hold the remaining tooth together and prevent further damage from arising. In some instances, crowns can even be used to save teeth from extractions.

Dental veneers do not fully cap teeth, but rather only the fronts of them. Veneers remove a portion of tooth enamel, typically much less than the amount needed for a dental crown, and attach to the face of a tooth. Dental veneers are durable and thin and can function for over a decade.

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