The Benefits of Chewing Gum

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Did you know that sugarless gum can help fight cavities? According to numerous studies, chewing sugarless gum for 20 minutes after your meal can help prevent cavities. The key to gum’s assistance lies in your body’s first defense against cavities: saliva.

When chewing sugarless gum, your mouth will be forced to create an excess amount of saliva to account for the substance in your mouth. It is the saliva, rather than the gum itself, that actively fights cavities. Saliva not only washes away food particles and plaque, but it also neutralizes the dangerous acids produced by bacteria that cause tooth erosion. Thus, for the same reason that dry mouth symptoms can damage your teeth, gum can prevent cavities. Saliva keep your teeth clean and functioning well.

Chewing regular gum, candy, or other substances can also promote saliva, of course, but the sugars in the gum feed the bacteria the saliva is trying to fight. This negates the benefits of chewing gum in the first place. Stick with sugarless gum and your mouth will thank you.

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