The Benefits to be had From Tooth Replacements

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If you are ready to drastically enhance your smile, visit our team for the proper restorations and repairs. It is important to visit us if you have any missing teeth to have them replaced as soon as possible with a highly reliable dental prosthetic. Dentures, dental implants and dental bridges are all extremely effective prosthetic treatment options. Consider this about each one:

– Dental implants: A dental implant is a durable form of tooth prosthetic designed to replace missing teeth by anchoring the implant directly into your jawbone. Due to the strength permitted by having an implant inserted into your jawbone, zero food restrictions are necessary, as the implant can hold strong to enjoy the foods you love.

– Dentures: Dentures are extremely helpful because they can fix issues in your mouth that may have arisen due to any missing teeth. Dentures are often looked at as complete mouth restorations, but you do not need to completely make over your smile if you do not wish to. Dentures can be designed for as little as a single tooth.

– Dental bridges: Like dental implants, dental bridges are highly reliable tooth prosthetic treatment options to replace missing teeth with a durable alternative. Dental bridges are artificial prosthetics that can blend in with your natural smile and restore functions that may have been lost due to missing teeth.

If you require aid with any missing teeth you have, you are welcome to book an appointment with Family Dental Care of New Castle by calling 765-529-4300. Dr. Seth Conley and our team at our dental office in New Castle, Indiana, would be glad to take care of any oral health care needs you may have.