Understanding Dental Crowns

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Are you aware of all the treatment options available to you if you do ever suffer an oral accident or injury? Do you have any teeth that are vulnerable to further damage or need an added layer of protection? If you hadn’t heard, dental crowns are often considered the wave of the future because they are proven effective in so many different situations.

Whether you need a concealer to cover up a stain or discoloration or need a dramatic fix to bind together bits of a broken tooth, a dental crown can be used. Dental crowns are effective for covering up previous restorations or can even be placed on vulnerable teeth on children that are at risk for cavities and tooth decay.

Dental crowns are known for their durability and can often last decades before repairs or a replacement may be needed. If damage to your dental crown ever occurs and it should break off, you will simply need to cover the vulnerable tooth with a cotton swab dabbed in clove oil and visit your dentist for a replacement. If the crown is in good condition, it may be possible to even reinsert the crown.

If you have any damaged teeth, fear not, as dental crowns are fully customizable to meet your oral health needs. Even if you have an irregular looking tooth that needs to be covered up, dental crowns can be resized and reshaped to fit your dental profile as needed.

If you have a dental filling on a tooth but the tooth is wearing down and is no longer able to support the filling on its own, a crown can hold the tooth and filling together. Dental crowns are even effective for holding together parts of a broken tooth.

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