What Can the Tooth Fairy Leave My Child Other than Money?

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If you’re tired of the Tooth Fairy giving your child money when they lose a tooth, you’re not alone. Many parents are fed up with their children asking for more money or not appreciating the money they receive. At this point, they opt for other options. Fortunately, there are other things the Tooth Fairy can leave under the pillow, and our dentist, Dr. Seth Conley, is happy to tell you about them.

The first treasure is a foreign coin. This can make your child feel special because it shows the Tooth Fairy is traveling all over the world to collect coins just for them. This might seem like a complicated idea, but it’s not. All you need to do is buy a little bag of foreign coins online for a few bucks and use them for years!

The second treasure is a glass bead or marble. Children love shiny things, and glass beads and marbles are both shiny! Not only this but if you have your child collects them as they lose their teeth, they can collect enough to actually play the marble game or make a glass bead necklace.

The third treasure is a sticker. Children love stickers, especially movie-themed stickers, so feel free to reward your child with one sticker at a time or a whole pack! This could keep them entertained for a little while, and it might even prove how hip the Tooth Fairy is.

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