What Causes TMJ Disorder?

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TMJ disorder is a reference to a pain in the temporomandibular joints, which affix the upper/lower jaw bones to the head. The first signs of TMJ disorder manifest themselves as a constant dull ache near the ears or temples, and also as pain when opening or using the mouth.

People who grind their teeth at night are the most common sufferers of TMJ pain. The constant grinding causes a painful inflammation in the temporomandibular joints. TMJ pain can also be related to previous dislocations, an injury to the ball and socket joints, and also arthritis.

To treat TMJ disorder, the doctor must discover the root cause of the pain. We at Family Dental Care of New Castle have a two-step system for treatment of TMJ disorder.

The initial step for treatment is switching the patient over to soft food for a while or direct them to use a heat treatment on the jaw muscle to soothe its aches. If unsuccessful, you will be given more advanced treatment options by your physician.

When the TMJ disorder is related to an inflammation from teeth grinding at night, you will be prescribed a custom mouth guard to be worn while sleeping. The guard is designed to slip so it will protect your teeth from being damaged and also will help with relieving tensions in the jaw muscles. Usually, this treatment is combined with rehab exercises designed to strengthen your jaw muscles. Medications are also prescribed to treat any underlying issues such as inflammation or tension.

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